Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Fun!

 I’ve been having a lovely fall! It really is about the simple things.

   Like having fresh Louisburg CIder Mill apple cider doughnuts back in October. YUM! 

   And a hayride? Why yes! (Self portrait of me and my sis enjoying the fabulous weather, and wind!)

          Or just chilling at the lake with my sibs, 
                            eating corndogs...
                                ...and chatting with the damselflies.

 And yes, making jewelry...

  ...while eating apple slices from my DARLING new yellow bowl.

And I decided to drag a sister to the adorable Holiday Swing craft fair in KCMO Sunday! 

So many great vendors, lot's of fellow Etsians! (We rock!)

 Would you  look at these ADORABLE papered clothes pins? I decided I COULD live without them...SIGH!

 I've also been having oh-so much busyness over launching our gluten free Etsy shop!

 I nearly killed myself over trying to figure out my stupid printer to print our custom labels! I think they turned out great!