Friday, February 1, 2013

Hedgehog Helper

With all the coldness lurking outside the front door, it’s been a do-lots-of-stuff-inside kind of month, er two months.

 So I’ve been getting my spring jewelry line together and wanted to give you a sneak peek!

                                                   You like it, non?
I've already turned some of the parts I'm holding into their final form, i. e. jewelry. :-) 

My goal is to have 20 more items in the shop by Feb 1st. My snuggly little hedgehog friend has been a rock-star trainer for keeping me focused.

 I've been learning yoga ,it's fab. How I ever got out of bed in the morning and was still able to move without doing a yoga routine is a mystery.It revs me up and calms me down. 

So here I am munching on toasted walnuts, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds and thinking about posting some new pieces. Got three new ones for ya'.

                                         See, told you I'd already finish one.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Fun!

 I’ve been having a lovely fall! It really is about the simple things.

   Like having fresh Louisburg CIder Mill apple cider doughnuts back in October. YUM! 

   And a hayride? Why yes! (Self portrait of me and my sis enjoying the fabulous weather, and wind!)

          Or just chilling at the lake with my sibs, 
                            eating corndogs...
                                ...and chatting with the damselflies.

 And yes, making jewelry...

  ...while eating apple slices from my DARLING new yellow bowl.

And I decided to drag a sister to the adorable Holiday Swing craft fair in KCMO Sunday! 

So many great vendors, lot's of fellow Etsians! (We rock!)

 Would you  look at these ADORABLE papered clothes pins? I decided I COULD live without them...SIGH!

 I've also been having oh-so much busyness over launching our gluten free Etsy shop!

 I nearly killed myself over trying to figure out my stupid printer to print our custom labels! I think they turned out great!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What will be Will be.

Well, Fall is here and for me it’s bitter sweet; beautiful green flowering summer is over and lovely throw-your-windows-open weather is here for better or worst. If you live in Kansas then you’ve probably got my drift, yes and there’s going to be a lot more ‘drifts’ just around the corner… winter: That’s the ‘bitter’ part on my mind right now. I’m trying to remind myself to live in the present and enjoy each moment, even if it’s -30 degrees.   And so I’m going to plunge into this beautiful and fleeting time of year, make some delicious jewelry for you and take what comes at me!

I’m not planning on adding a distinctly ‘seasonal’ feel to my designs this autumn/winter. But it does seem to happen; you’ll see little bits of warm fall colors in my up and coming jewelry pieces. And for winter… well I haven’t decided what ‘feel’ I’ll be going for. Last year they were rich and opulent, with lush fabrics and vintage crystals.
Here’s a favorite from last years’ holiday collection: A gorgeous chartreuse velvet pinwheel with a tuft of soft gray tulle and a vintage rhinestone earring is the main feature with layers of vintage chain and pearls.  
This year I’m starting of Fall with warm tones; brass and carnelian orange are lovely for autumn. This darling locket pendant necklace just hit the shop featuring the said fall colors, but honestly I didn’t mean it to be solely for fall.  Even though I have favorites for different season I like each piece I make to be an all year favorite. 
And remember Nana’s beautiful vintage rhinestones? They are now beautiful earrings! Timeless and elegant yet simple, check them out in my shop for all the details!

 And just to whet you accessory appetite here’s a sneak peek of some upcoming earrings soon to be in the shop! My sister says they have a Spanish Renaissance type feel.