Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old gems and new listings

I'm scheming up many new delightful pieces and I thought I'd share with one with you:
These fabulous vintage gems dwelt amongst my Nana's button jars for years and years and I remember always admiring them whenever I came across them when in search of a button or trim. Not sure if you can see from the pictures but they are a beautiful light amethyst color. Sublime!  And now they're mine! Thank you Nana! 

I have a juicy little plan for them.  They are going to become gorgeous heirloom quality earrings with a Victorian feel; I just purchased lovely antiqued brass setting for them, made in America no less! I anxiously await their arrival!  And the best part is YOU will be able to acquire them if you so choose! I will let you know as SOON as they are in my shop!

Oh, and THIS is my newest piece; just made it to the shop yesterday. What do you think? 

 That’s all for now. Come back soon!   Cheerio!


  1. Hi! I love that's gorgeous! I found you on Etsy...I'm kind of a neighbor...just a bit East of you...Good luck with your blog and your Etsy shop! Your work looks fantastic!

  2. Wow, how pretty! You are so artistic!